Anthroposophy lies at a base for what we try to bring about in the Vidaråsen. Dr. Karl König found the inspiration for the village-idea in Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy, Antropos - Man, and Sopia - Wisdom that is the Wisdom of Man, or the wisdom of ones humanity. Becoming a co-worker in a Camphill place does in no way require that one professes to be an anthroposophist, nor even that one has heard of anthroposophy. On the other hand, the more open-minded you can be towards the ideas that you might meet, strange as they might seem in the beginning, the more fruitful your stay in Vidaråsen might be.

The Camphill movement, which was founded in Scotland in 1939, strives to build communities where children, youth, and adults, in need of special care, can find a life- and working-situation together with others. A situation based on mutual respect and care. Camphill finds much of its inspiration in Christian ideals as Rudolf Steiner has formulated them, and is based upon the recognition that each human being is the carrier of an eternal spiritual individuality. An individuality which remains unchanged, regardless of which handicap it might have, of which race, or religion it might spring out of.