Our vision:

A meaningful daily life,

   individual development,

  co-operation with others.

Vidaråsen Village is a living- and working-community for both people with learning disabilities and the staff who work with them. In the village we try to create a rounded work and life situation for everyone. The first Camphill place was started in Scotland in 1939. Vidaråsen was founded in 1966 as the first Camphill village in Norway. You can find descriptions about how one can apply as a villager or as a staff member. Further descriptions of different aspects of village life and the village's history are also available.

Vidaråsen lies within a local municipality, Andebu kommune, which is a part of the county of Vestfold, Norway.


Vidaråsens Mission Statement:

We believe that each individual has a healthy inner being, and that they can realise their potential within a social context.

We respect each others' differences.

We inspire and support each other to take responsibility for our own lives.

We revere and cultivate our natural surroundings.

We rediscover and develop our original and fundamental sources of inspiration - Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science and Karl Konig's community impulse.